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Specialists in Diamond Drilling & Cutting

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High Quality Precision

Diamond Drilling Services

Diamond drilling is the most precise and least disruptive method for creating clean circular holes through reinforced concrete and masonry including any size of reinforcing bar. Diamond drilling and cutting methods are ideal for plumbing and electrical holes required internally, along with more heavy duty requirements for piles that have to penetrate existing concrete or larger service holes. Since diamond drilling and cutting is purely rotary and non percussive, the vibration and noise levels are greatly reduced.

A particular strength of Diacutt Ltd is that we can carry out diamond drilling in premises where water and dust control is required, using water and dust attachments. Holes can range from 8mm to 750mm in diameter - ideal for occupied existing office buildings.

If you need to analyse the materials at your site, Diacutt Ltd can also provide diamond drilling for concrete core samples and provide a testing service.

Stitch Drilling Services

Stitch drilling is the method of drilling used to form openings of any shape and size to suit the required purpose. The openings are created by overlapping core holes to form a larger perimeter.

We provide these drilling services throughout the South, including London, Portsmouth, Canterbury, Basingstoke and Bristol.

Choose Diacutt Ltd in London & the South

  • Diamond drilling & cutting
  • Diamond floor and wall sawing
  • 8mm – 750mm diameter holes
  • Concrete core samples for analysis
  • Holes through all depths & types of base materials
  • Precise, fast & cost-effective
  • Minimal noise, vibration & dust
  • Surveys & investigations undertaken
  • Single day to long term contracts
  • Stitch drilling services available

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